From the Desk of Harridge

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Greetings, Harridge townsfolk, We’re expecting our three guests to arrive in town within the next couple of days. Remember how we planned this.

Our Cast

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Cast:Cary Hampton as ISSYAsher Killian as DREWCece Dietlein as CATEHeidi Hampton as SANDRAAsher Honor Hwang as BLAKERachel Anderson as LINDAAnita Kelley as ROXIENicole Schader as LIZCaleb Mertz-Vega as RAYCody Lindenberger as RICHARDGeoff Moore as DEPUTY BENLucille Rao as HELENandMichon Chandler … Read More

Casting Update

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We finished our marathon first round of auditions; congrats to everyone who endured sitting in the Zoom waiting room. It was a pleasure to hear the amount of talent that joined us from across the country. I don’t envy the … Read More

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