Marathon…it’s not just a victory in Greece!

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Are you feeling like something is missing from your holiday celebrations? Would you rather spend New Year’s safely tucked away at home with a cozy bathrobe and a cup of cocoa? You’re in luck, because our holiday marathon starts tonight! Our dedicated cast and crew are enjoying a much-deserved break over the holidays, so for the next two weekends, we’ll be filling your audio stocking with an eight-episode marathon. If you or any of your friends missed an episode, you can catch up as we air episodes one through eight starting at 8:00 PM tonight and next Friday and 9:00 PM the following Sundays.

It’s the last of the marathons, so you’ll need to tune in to hear the secrets unravel–we’re heading into the home stretch, and things are getting mighty sketchy up at the Harridge place starting with Episode nine, airing on January 8th! Listen to KNVC, 95.1 FM in Carson City or online at, or wait for the episodes to drop on our podcast, available on your favorite podcast platform!