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Roxie’s Recipes (for the lazy cook)

This week, Roxie Lawrence shares her potato salad recipe, which has been wowing lunchtime visitors at the Harridge Place ever since there were visitors!

The thing I like about this potato salad recipe is that it is not made with mayonnaise, which cuts out worry about spoilage when serving on a hot Harridge summer day. It also adds to this salad’s versatility, as it is equally good hot or cold.

I have seen different variations on the traditional German recipe, and of course, you should feel free to add your own individual touches, but here is my take on it.

– 10-12 medium-size potatoes (I prefer to use Yukon gold)
– ½ pound of bacon
– ½ cup green onion*
– ½ cup fresh parsley
– 3 eggs, hard-boiled
– ¼ cup red wine vinegar
– ¼ cup Maggi seasoning (Unfortunately this is nearly impossible to find in Harridge, so I usually pick up a large bottle when I drive in to Reno on my larger restocking trips)
– salt & pepper to taste

  • Boil, peel & slice your potatoes. I’ve found it easiest to boil them first, allow them to cool enough to handle, and then I just use a sharp knife to strip the peel off the potato. I like mine sliced thin, but that’s just my personal preference.
  • *Dice up your green onion, keeping the upper green parts separate from the lower white parts. I just tear my parsley into small pieces, and I find it easiest to dice my bacon before cooking. Boil your eggs and then dice, but save a few slices for garnish.
  • Fry your bacon pieces and then set them aside. Save about ¼ cup of the bacon grease in the pan and bring the heat up to medium. I then add the white parts of the onion, the red wine vinegar, Maggi, salt & pepper. We are making a sauce that will be poured over the potatoes, so you can vary the amounts of liquids as needed to get “good coverage”. This is something that will get easier with practice.
  • Now add all of your diced ingredients to your bowl of sliced potatoes, pour your warm sauce over it and mix well. Serve hot or cold. I show it here with bratwurst, red cabbage, and of course, a mug of good beer.

Now, at 8pm this Friday, tune your radio to KNVC 95.1 FM Carson City – or if you’re not in range, you can pull it up on their website: https://knvc.org. If you happen to miss it for some reason, they will re-air it on Sunday, November 15th at 9pm.

Next week: Blackberry cobbler