Created by

John Adams and Scott Young


John Adams
Haley Hwang
Frederick Hampton
Cody Lindenberger
Dee Beardsley
Jean Graham
Fiona Mauchline
Caleb Mertz-Vega
Scott Young


Joe Bly
Jeff Basa
Mark Helton
Heidi Hampton
Dee Beardsley
Cody Lindenberger
Scott Young


Jeff Basa
Cody Lindenberger
Heidi Hampton
Kathryn Hampton
Scott Young


Sound engineering & editing by Joe Bly
Additional tech support by Kirk Reynolds
Additional sound editing by Scott Young


Original music composed by Linda & Mike Badinger
©2020-22 Big Fig Music.

Additional music composed by Kevin MacLeod
©2020-21 Incompetech.

Drew’s Ringtone performed and composed by Aiden Hale.
©2020-21 Aiden Hale Music. Used with permission.

“Peace and Unity,” performed and composed by Therese Curatolo.
©2021 Therese Curatolo. Used with permission.

“Thriftstore Cowgirl,” performed by Red Meat, composed by Jill Olsen.
©2007 Ranchero Records. Used with permission.

“You Are An Innocent,” performed and composed by Georgia Maestro, lyrics by John Adams, produced by Vince Gates and Scott Young.
©2022 KNVC, DiazMG, Georgia Maestro, John Adams and Play Your Own Music. Used with permission.

Sound Effects

Sound Effects used in production:
Many sound effects have been recorded by KNVC staff and engineers, others have been obtained and licensed through Envato/AudioJungle; Soundelux/TODD-AO via Sounddogs; and the following creators on
Figowitz, Proxima4, soundslikewillem, Svennsound, User 389799, cbakos, crz1990, Irissie16, and pogmothoin.

The producers would like to thank Kathy Bly, Gina Lopez and our listeners and sponsors.