Created by

John Adams and Scott Young


John Adams
Haley Hwang
Frederick Hampton
Cody Lindenberger
Fiona Mauchline
Dee Beardsley
Jean Graham
Caleb Mertz-Vega
Scott Young


Joe Bly
Jeff Basa
Mark Helton
Heidi Hampton
Dee Beardsley
Cody Lindenberger
Scott Young


Jeff Basa
Cody Lindenberger
Heidi Hampton
Kathryn Hampton
Scott Young


Sound engineering & sound editing by Joe Bly

Sound Effects used in production:
Many sound effects have been recorded by KNVC staff and engineers, others have been obtained and licensed through Envato/AudioJungle; Soundelux/TODD-AO via Sounddogs; and the following creators on
Figowitz, Proxima4, soundslikewillem, Svennsound, User 389799, cbakos, crz1990, Irissie16, and pogmothoin.


Original music composed by Mike & Linda Badinger
©2020-22 Big Fig Music.

Additional music composed by Kevin MacLeod
©2020-21 Incompetech.

Drew’s Ringtone performed and composed by Aiden Hale.
©2020-21 Aiden Hale Music. Used with permission.

“Peace and Unity,” performed and composed by Therese Curatolo.
©2021 Therese Curatolo. Used with permission.

“Thriftstore Cowgirl,” performed by Red Meat, composed by Jill Olsen.
©2007 Ranchero Records. Used with permission.

The producers would like to thank Kathy Bly, Gina Lopez and our listeners and sponsors.