Here We Go!

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Every one of us on the team are chewing our fingernails with anticipation. We’re only ten minutes away from our premiere on KNVC! We’re presenting our first two episodes as a treat. You can tune in to KNVC at 95.1 … Read More

Our Cast

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Cast:Cary Hampton as ISSYAsher Killian as DREWCece Dietlein as CATEHeidi Hampton as SANDRAAsher Honor Hwang as BLAKERachel Anderson as LINDAAnita Kelley as ROXIENicole Schader as LIZCaleb Mertz-Vega as RAYCody Lindenberger as RICHARDGeoff Moore as DEPUTY BENLucille Rao as HELENandMichon Chandler … Read More

Casting Update

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We finished our marathon first round of auditions; congrats to everyone who endured sitting in the Zoom waiting room. It was a pleasure to hear the amount of talent that joined us from across the country. I don’t envy the … Read More

Auditions Are Filled Up

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Thanks to everyone who applied for audition slots. We’ve filled all our available slots, as well as our waiting list. Those who have applied should now be receiving your packets. None of us have ever conducted auditions over Zoom, so … Read More

Audition updates

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Thanks to the incredible interest in auditioning for Secrets of Harridge House, we’ve already filled up the Tuesday audition slots, but there are still a few Saturday and Sunday slots remaining. When those are full, we’ll convert the signup form … Read More

Hitting the Ground Running

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We’ve started the audition process to cast Secrets of Harridge House. You can see audition information by clicking the menu link just up there in the right upper corner. It’s an open audition, and we’re already inundated with audition applications … Read More

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