Secrets of Harridge House is an original radio drama jointly produced by Proscenium Players in Carson City, Nevada, and KNVC, 95.1 FM, Carson City’s Community Radio Station with the Diaz Media Group. Production will take place in September and October, 2020, and premiere in late October.

Cary Hampton as Issy
Asher Killian as Drew
Cece Dietlein as Cate
Heidi Hampton as Sandra
Asher Honor Hwang as Blake
Rachel Anderson as Linda
Anita Kelley as Roxie
Nicole Schader as Liz
Caleb Mertz-Vega as Ray
Cody Lindenberger as Richard
Geoff Moore as Deputy Ben
Lucille Rao as Helen
Michon Chandler as Olivia

Also featuring the voice talents of:
Diana Jones, James Dezerga, Justin Clouser, Kyle Littlefield,
Mary Kay Wagner, Tom Strekal, Jeffrey Fast, Melanie Johnson,
Dick Van Buskirk, Kathy Hampton, Jack Scarbrough

Created by: John Adams and Scott Young

Head Writer: John Adams

Series writers: Frederick Hampton, Haley Hwang, Cody Lindenberger, Fiona Mauchline, and Scott Young

Series Directors: Jeff Basa, Heidi Hampton, and Scott Young

Executive Producer: Jeff Basa
Technical Producer and Editor: Joe Bly
Supervising Producer: Scott Young