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We love receiving feedback on the show. This showed up on Apple Podcasts a few days ago. Thank you to Ponterbee’s2ndPhone for taking time to help spread the word about or show:

Secrets Of Harridge House Is A BLAST

As professionally made a series as the old radio shows from the Golden Age… which helps make this creepy, spooky, shadow-filled podcast such a marvelous delight! If the thought of walking down a long pitch-dark hallway on the third floor of a rickety 19th century family home at 2:30am, as a thunderstorm rages outside, sounds INTRIGUING to you, then this gothic mystery series is definitely worth trying out.

So grab a candelabra, light the wick, and follow your long shadows to the end of the hall – with the locked door right next to an antique grandfather’s clock, still ticking away loudly.

Rifle through the keys on your ring till you find the one you need – the one that unlocks this door. The one that seals the room where all the screaming comes from. Every. Single. Night. At 2:40am. (and it’s gone 2:39 just now!).

So  subscribe fast – and then get back to your room QUICKLY, bolt your door, and start listening at Episode One.

And Hurry! (Before the screaming starts…)

— Ponterbee’s2ndPhone

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